Development of Communication Skills

This program is oriented to development of self-confidence, ability to get along with the others better and to eliminate communication barriers. It concentrates on development and expression of thoughts succinctly, distinctly, it helps to build positive attitudes and supports enthusiasm. Participants of the program are stimulated to reduce tension and anxiety and to make most of their lives. The program includes verbal and non-verbal communication skills, improvisation skills, motivation and involvement. It builds skills to speak effectively in small or larger groups, it creates environment of effective team work and develops ability to manage and make decisions.


Program modules:

  • Positive attitude in communication
  • Method of learned positivity by professor Seligman
  • Proactivity and “beliefs window”
  • Basics of communication
  • Communication techniques I.
  • Communication technology II.
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Principles of assertiveness
  • Assertive techniques, rights and obligations
  • Basics of conflict resolution
  • Nonviolent communication by professor Marshall Rosenberg
  • Principles of NLP in communication