Our Qualities

Ing. Vojtech DÚL    Personal profile of the owner – Ing. Vojtech Dúl

Success and the value of programs offered by GENERATÍV depend to a large extent on a personality, approach and skills of the trainer, who is in a charge of the program. The main trainer in charge of our programs of skills development is

Ing. Vojtech DÚL

Year of birth 1959, place of birth Rožňava.
In 1983 he graduated from the Technical University in Budapest.

In 1983 - 1995 he worked in managing positions of Slovak Telecommunications, with responsibility in the area of control and management of information flows (long distance transmission in Eastern Slovakia)
In 1985 - 1987 he took part in the graduate study program at the Technical University in Bratislava: Improvement of Quality of services.
In 1987 - 1989 he took part in graduate studies at the School for Transportation and Telecommunication in Žilina: Data Transmission.
In 1992 he studied in Munich.
In 1993 he studied in London.

Since 1992 he has been cooperating with Dale Carnegie Training® and Leadership Institute in USA. He participated in programs of this Institute in Prague and Budapest.

In 1995, as the only trainer from Slovakia, he passed management trainer examination in Prague. In the same year he has established a subsidiary Dale Carnegie Professional Training® Present by Leadership Institute of CR & S in Košice, Slovakia.
In 1997 he has gained trainer s certificate for Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Program®. This program has nominated by prestigious journal Power Selling for the award of the best training course in the World in selling skills for 1995.
In 1995 - 1998 he was the manager and certified trainer of Dale Carnegie Training® in Slovakia. He has been training in Slovakia, Czech republic and Hungary.

In 1997 - 1998 he completed EXECUTIVE EXCELLENCE PROGRAM, organized by Generative Leadership Group, Center for Management Design (California, USA ).
In 1998 he established GENERATÍV company. He has been training in Slovakia, Czech republic and Hungary.
In 2004 - seminar Brian Tracy, personal development and people management
In 2005 – 2006 - Graduate School: Banking, Technical University of Košice
In 2010 - NLP seminar by R. Bandler with obtaining a certificate NLP Practitioner
In 2010 - Seminar in practice NLP and Energy Balanced Coaching, balanced coaching by NLP
In 2013 - certificate, nonviolent communication led by Towe Widstrand, Bratislava


Values ​​of company

  • Fairness
  • Openness
  • Sincerity
  • Courage
  • Enthusiasm
  • Humility
  • Esteem
  • Trust


Uniqueness of company

  • Highly qualified tutors
  • Unique know-how based on international and domestic experience
  • Staggered Programs
  • Programs in addition to improve IQ and EQ and SQ (spiritual and emotional quotient)
  • Specific approach, flexibility (programs tailored)
  • Change of attitude by method so-called learning positivity
  • We apply the method of emotional communication with the so-called elements of nonviolent communication (by M. Rosenberg)
  • We use elements of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • In teaching method we use mind maps (by T. Buzan)
  • Participants receive practical manual
  • Each technique is directly applicable in practice


Expected results

Applying the principles of effective communication, business, presentation, management and leadership creates a big step in setting objectives, problem solving and planning future activities.

Our programs bring to life graduates greater personal efficiency, more joy and enthusiasm and of course, more success and measurable results.

It helps them enhance their self-esteem, acquire assertive arguments and persuasive communication techniques. With enhanced self-confidence they achieve ever higher goals and become more satisfied and more successful.

Graduates discover themselves and let themselves reflected in the hidden, the unknown skills and aptitudes, and thus support their personal development.

Our global services therefore contribute to the fact that graduates lead a balance their life in harmony with each other as well as with their environment.